I truly believe the adage, When you look good, you feel good! Finding a fun piece of costume jewelry at an estate sale or a great pair of jeans at my local thrift store has always been my kind of euphoria. Owning Swank Finds allows me to do something I enjoy, while offering you solutions to common wardrobe hurdles.

  • Time: Most of us don’t have time to stroll through retail stores looking for that one fresh piece to shake up our wardrobe. Swank Finds offers selective inventory that you can view online 24 hours a day. And....we ship your order to your front door...at no extra cost!

  • Limited Options for Girls & Tweens: I know the struggle of finding age appropriate, yet affordable clothing options for girls. Swank Finds offers modest clothing for girls who are no longer toddlers, but far from being young women.

  • Costs: Swank Finds keeps costs low by purchasing from trusted wholesale vendors across the country. As a result, I’m able to offer you high quality, fashion finds at awesome prices!

  • Difficulty Making Decisions: Is the mall too overwhelming? Swank Finds brings you both current trends and timeless looks, as well as suggestions for other clothing and jewelry to pair with it. We take the stress out of shopping decisions!

Check out my website www.swankfinds.com where you’ll find a limited quantity of each of my smartest clothing and jewelry finds!

Swank - Dashing smartness, as in dress or appearance; style.

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